About AnubiFIX

Since the introduction of minimal invasive surgery the need for good, realistic (laparoscopic) training models has increased.

Training on embalmed human bodies is preferred because of the normal anatomical relations. However in traditionally embalmed human bodies it is impossible to create a functional pneumoperitoneum. We developed a new embalming method (pre-rinsing), which makes it possible to perform laparoscopic surgical procedures (including insufflation with normal pressures 12-14mmHg), on embalmed human bodies.

This method, invented and developed at the dept. of Anatomy of the University Medical Centre of the Erasmus University Rotterdam, makes it possible to embalm human bodies donated for science, for years and still enjoy the natural flexibility and tissue handling. This makes the AnubiFiX® embalmed human body an ideal training instrument for (laparoscopic) surgical procedures. Models can be made in advance for al kind of hands-on courses and kept for many years without losing its natural feeling.

Besides using AnubiFiX® bodies for laparoscopy, these specimen can also be used for surgical interventions in orthopedic surgery and trauma surgery. Because the joints have kept their normal range of motion for instance all kinds of joint implants can be practiced.  In Rotterdam, for instance in all orthopaedic and traumatology courses, fresh frozen specimen have been replaced by AnubiFiX® embalmed specimen.

In an educational setting in which ‘training before the job’ is a central issue, embalmed human bodies prepared with AnubiFiX® can play an important role in decreasing learning curves of surgical procedures and in limiting (iatrogenic) complications.

A new kind of paint, so called Formalin Proof Paint (FPP) was developed for these models to highlight specific anatomical structures.

For research and teaching purposes we developed a radiopaque liquid for coloring arteries and veins (FilopaQ). This liquid is silicone based and will harden inside the vessels and will be visible on x-ray.

Over the last 5-years we gained a lot of experience with surgical courses with AnubiFiX® embalmed bodies like:

     General surgery: 
              - Open colonsurgery
              - Hernia repair
     Laparoscopic surgery: 
              - Bowel surgery                       
              - TEP (inguinal hernia repair) 
              - Hand-assisted and laparoscopic donor nephrectomies
              - Skull base approaches
      Trauma surgery:  
              - ORIF on upper and lower extremities
              - Total Knee/Hip/Shoulder prosthesis 
      Plastic surgery: 
               - Flap reconstructions
               - Onco-plastic breast reconstructions

     See also: Skillslab Erasmus MC 

The AnubiFiX® fluid can be combined with most existing embalming fluids containing formaldehyde and/or phenol.

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