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Since the introduction of minimal invasive surgery the need for good, realistic (laparoscopic) training models has increased.

Training on embalmed human bodies is preferred because of the normal anatomical relations. However in traditionally embalmed human bodies it is impossible to create a functional pneumoperitoneum. We developed a new embalming method (pre-rinsing), which makes it possible to perform laparoscopic surgical procedures (including insufflation with normal pressures 12-14mmHg), on embalmed human bodies.

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Applications of ANUBIFIX

Bekijk de film over de toepassingen van AnubiFIXThe AnubiFiX method is especially suited for the creation of models for use in surgical practice. All kinds of procedures can be practiced in the ‘real’ human anatomy, i.e. in the embalmed human body. In traditionally embalmed specimen, tissue rigidity is a major problem. For instance, in practicing procedures in trauma surgery the joints have to be flexible to get the real tissue feel during operation. The use of AnubiFiX specimen guarantees a flexibility comparable to the feel in fresh frozen specimen...

Watch our embalming video

Bekijk de instructievideoIn this animation, the practical application of AnubiFiX  is schematically demonstrated. For more information or a demonstration/ course  at our institution in Rotterdam you can contact us. In our institution, a large variety of examples of the technique are available; eg. our Lap. Inguinal repair (TEP) model, the Lap. Cholecystectomy model, the Lap. Colon resection model etc. Also ‘on site’  demonstrations are possible after contact with our secretariat.
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